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Making Careers was founded in 1987, with the purpose of helping the top tier of medical professionals find both temporary and permanent employment. Since those early days, Making Careers has grown to be one of the primary providers of healthcare staffing services in California. By joining Making Careers you are taking advantage of our reliable career advice and employment search expertise. As an independent contractor you get the flexibility of choosing your place and time of work. For professionals seeking career progression through a new permanent position, we offer the skill and wide knowledge that allow us to isolate the top job opportunities in your area. Making Careers is focused on you and your needs and desires. We are available to help you make the right career decisions and to move you smoothly through the transition from your present work situation into new opportunities.




These are some of the questions we are frequently asked. Click on a question and the answer will appear in a pop-up window. If you have other questions, just call 800-350-1471 or email and we'll be happy to give you more information about our services and job opportunities.


Does Making Careers offer both temporary and permanent work opportunities?
What kinds of facilities and companies could I be working at?
When can I contact Making Careers' staff?
How can I find your office?
How do I find out what work you have available?
What qualifications does Making Careers require?
How do I become a Making Careers Employee?
What does it cost to register and do I have to pay an agency fee to work through Making Careers?
If I contact you today, how long will it be before I will have a job?
How do I get information about my assignments?
What will my pay rate be?
How do I get my earnings paid?
Is there an incentive for referring other professionals to your company?

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