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We want to be able to send your prospective new employer the best resume possible, so that you are presented in the best possible light right at the start of your introduction.

Below is a typical resume which is acceptable in most cases. Use the paragraph headings shown if they apply to your own resume.

OBJECTIVE: NOT MANDATORY- if you do have an objective, it should add something to your resume. Don't include an objective if it is just a gratuitous statement.

"I am seeking a position with a quality healthcare facility where my experience as a case manager can be fully utilized, and where my already extensive knowledge can be broadened, particularly in the areas of Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance."

SUMMARY: NOT MANDATORY - but if you do a summary, it should be short and concise - a true summary of the skills you have gained through your career.

"I have extensive knowledge of cost containment techniques gained through twelve years experience performing a variety of managed care tasks. I am equally effective working independently or collaboratively in various managed care settings. Prior to managed care I demonstrated clinical expertise and experience in all aspects of adult and infant care, including five years' experience in Critical Care."

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION AND LICENSURE: This is the most important part of your resume. The format should be easy to read and should allow the employer to see at a glance the dates and sites of prior employment. The employer then should be able to read a concise description of your pertinent experience at each employment site. "Pertinent" means skills that are related to the position for which you are now applying. Do not include tasks that bear no relationship to the tasks you would be doing on this new job. For example, if you are applying for a managed care job, don't focus on medication administration, implementing doctor's orders, preparing patients for surgery, etc.

XYZ Medical Centre, City, State
Responsible for concurrent review of medical, surgical and critical care patients. Knowledgeable in InterQual SI/IS process and am familiar with M&R Criteria. Was relief nurse for QA Coordinator.
4/96 - 9/01 STAFF NURSE
ABC Medical Centre, City, State
Staff nurse providing nursing care to medical, surgical and oncology patients. Functioned as charge nurse and in this capacity was responsible for supervising nursing staff, reviewing patient care records, assessing job performance, and other related management activities.
10/93 - 3/96 OFFICE NURSE
Dr. Abcdefg, General Practice, City, State
1/90 - 9/93 General staff nursing experience in various hospitals in the San Francisco Bay area. Experience included Med/Surg., Pediatrics, ICU, Emergency Dept.

1990 BSN from University of California, Berkley
2005 Enrolled in the MSN Program at UCLA

I am licensed as a Registered Nurse in the state of California. License # 123456

2005 Certified Case Manager
2002 - Present Member of American College of Utilization Review Physicians (ACURP)
1995 - Present CPR

Furnished upon request